I’m on day 26!

Wow you guys, I had no idea that I would make it this far, completely stress free! Getting dressed each day has been a total breeze. I no longer agonise over what to wear, and I no longer have a pile of laundry sitting around waiting to be put away. I feel like a giantContinue reading “I’m on day 26!”

Day 10

I had to run some errands today with only a moment’s notice. I grabbed a green button up mini skirt and a black T, a combo I would never have normally tried, and I was pleasantly surprised. I felt cute. Weird that I had never worn them together before, it’s such a basic but greatContinue reading “Day 10”

Day 6

I stayed home today to get organised for camping, luckily, this meant house clothes all day! I’ve noticed my washing pile is significantly smaller: not because I’m wearing less clothes, but I’m doing my washing more regularly and putting it away because IT FITS!! It’s such a nice feeling and one I really want toContinue reading “Day 6”

Days 7-9 Camping

Not really much to report here. My camping clothes were a combo of house clothes/lounge wear and warm tracksuits. I did find the packing process easy though as I had less drawers to dig through. I could get used to this.

Day 5

Today was a great clothing day. I wore my denim leggings with my black drapey Intimo top that I absolutely LOVE. I felt great all day. Ok now I am starting to get an idea of how I want to feel in my clothes. This is a great little motivator. I am going to useContinue reading “Day 5”

Day 4

Today’s clothing choice was an interesting one. I had to run some errands during the day and then met a beautiful friend for a meeting (ahem, sneaky wine) after 5pm. I didn’t want to burn through two outfits so I chose a basic white sleeveless top and my trusty old black ripped jeans. I feltContinue reading “Day 4”

Day 3

I knew today would be an easy one. I had no plans so was able to just throw on my house clothes and not really care too much about what I was wearing. I received a notification that our delivery guy was coming, so I threw on a bra at the last minute so thatContinue reading “Day 3”

Packing Made Easy

Wow you guys!! Packing for an overnighter took me 3 minutes!! I can’t believe how simple it was. I knew exactly where to look for the outfits I wanted and I didn’t have to wrestle to pull the items out (or to shove them in my overnight bag). Hubby was like “ummm are you readyContinue reading “Packing Made Easy”

The Purge

In my usual fashion, I tackled this, much like any new challenge (with the gusto of a rugby league football player in his first State Of Origin match). I don’t do anything half-assed and I must do all things immediately. Imagine how much my husband must love living with me haha. I only made itContinue reading “The Purge”


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