My first interstate trip!

Ok guys, I thought this would be my breaking point. We were travelling from Sunny Queensland to South Australia (pre-lockdown) and the weather there was ranging from 6 degrees celsius to 34 by the end of the trip. The usual panic started to creep in. How the heck do I pack for those climates? I don’t have enough clothes, I’m going to look terrible in the photos etc etc. Then I realised, that I didn’t have to dig through my whole wardrobe, I only had my 33 items to choose from! I did however give myself permission to throw in my large travel jacket and a warm scarf which were extras (but oh so essential).

I used to take up to 6 pairs of shoes on a holiday, this time I took two and a pair of thongs! My wardrobe was basic, but everything seemed to match quite well (thanks to my love of black basics). I found that packing took way less time than usual and I was so calm about the whole process. I planned out my outfits and even chose to re-wear my jeans (we all do it!). I used packing cubes to keep items stored via type eg pants/tops/dresses. This made finding things quick and easy. It was so lovely not to have my suitcase bursting at the seams, and I even had room to bring home some delicious Barossa wines! How good is that!!??

I even downsized my makeup so that I was travelling as lightly as possible, and to be honest, I felt so much calmer throughout the whole trip as a result. It made me realise how much simpler things could be if I just adopted this mindset whenever going anywhere…I was finally realising that less can be better.

Coming home was even better. It took me 20 minutes to unpack instead of the usual 3 day saga!! The benefits just keep coming 🙂

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