Day 4

Today’s clothing choice was an interesting one. I had to run some errands during the day and then met a beautiful friend for a meeting (ahem, sneaky wine) after 5pm. I didn’t want to burn through two outfits so I chose a basic white sleeveless top and my trusty old black ripped jeans. I felt ok, but far from “pretty”. It’s weird, I seem to not be as focussed on my appearance as I normally would be. It’s also becoming rapidly clear that I don’t love my wardrobe. Three months living with these clothes is going to be a looooong time. I think I will be definitely retiring some pieces and swapping them out before the end. At least I know now how I don’t want to feel when I get dressed.

I want to look in my wardrobe and be super excited about getting to dress in my beautiful clothes. At this point I am severely underwhelmed by them. I still feel like it’s a step in the right direction though. I definitely won’t be impulse buying items like the ones that I have any longer. 4 days down, 89 to go.

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