The Purge

In my usual fashion, I tackled this, much like any new challenge (with the gusto of a rugby league football player in his first State Of Origin match). I don’t do anything half-assed and I must do all things immediately. Imagine how much my husband must love living with me haha.

I only made it to Chapter 17 of the book before I started rummaging through my wardrobe at great speed whilst I sat on the cold tile floor and wondered if today would finally be the day that I got haemorrhoids which would prove that it wasn’t just old people trying to scare me not to sit on floors my whole life. There were clothes flying through the air, as I gleefully (temporarily) discarded the ones that I didn’t want to see for the next 3 months. This was the easy part. I packed them into their big plastic storage bin and bid them farewell, but then I came to a grinding halt when I realised that I had hardly anything in my “clothes that I love and want to wear non stop for 3 months” pile.

I really didn’t have a lot of options. I’m not going to lie, this almost caused me to give up. Courtney tells us in the book that this project doesn’t give us an excuse to go out and buy more clothes, and I really didn’t want to either. I feel like now that I’m almost 40, it’s time to define my style and overcome my non-optimal clothes purchasing habits (ie, no more Kmart shorts woman!!). I had Kon-Marie’d my clothes not that long ago, and I was shocked at how many no longer sparked joy. It was time to slow down and really take a look at the items I owned and figure out what I liked about them. I also wanted to create a collection that mixed and matched well (this was fairly easily done since the majority of them are black).

I tentatively counted my pile, and was pleasantly surprised that there were 27 items in there that kinda sorta looked like a capsule collection. By this stage I was mentally exhausted (Courtney also warns about this in the book too). I then realised that I still needed shoes, a purse, and jewellery. I already own one handbag but wasn’t sure if that counted so I allowed myself to choose one clutch that I could use for the whole 3 know for those special occasions where we may go to dinner etc. I chose a neutral nude one with a gold trim that matches most of my evening clothes that I’ve selected. Eeek! Only 5 items to go.

The jewellery was also not too difficult. I don’t usually wear much anyway, and it’s all gold when I do. I kept out my wedding and engagement rings (as they don’t count towards the 33), and a gold crescent moon necklace that I got for Christmas. I chose one pair of light blue coloured stud earrings from Mimco and needed to pick a nice pair of “night time” earrings too. This I struggled with as I have quite a few beautiful dangle and tassel earrings and I couldn’t decide which ones I wouldn’t get sick of. I ended up selecting my new Mimco gold tiger head stud with cute little diamonte eyes. They are glam enough for night time but simple enough that it shouldn’t be obvious that I’ve worn the same pair non stop for 3 months (and if people are going to judge me on my earring choice then boo hoo to them).

Oh lordy, this meant I was now down to shoes. Gah!! I have around 15 pairs of shoes on regular rotation, this is after I donated over 25 pairs during my Kon Marie cull! Please note, the majority of these are kmart sandals as I live in the Tropics and hate closed in shoes. I have a few beautiful heels but hardly ever wear them as I don’t like walking long distances in them (wish I could afford a permanent driver to drive me around like Blair from Gossip Girl). I settled on a blush pink pair of sandals that match with most of my black/neutral toned clothes, and a pair of black and gold sandals that are sliiiiightly more dressy.

Hmmmm, if my maths is correct, this means that I am maxed out. 27 clothing items, 2 pairs of shoes and 3 jewellery items with one clutch makes 33. This is when the panic set in. What about hats? Luckily I only wear one when I’m exercising so that doesn’t count. phew. Jackets? We are in the middle of Winter!! I have a black knitted jumper in my collection that will have to do, along with two scoats (scarf/coats). This may seem like overkill but these are my travel essentials and I know I have a trip coming up at some point in the next few months.

Oh, I may have neglected to mention that house clothes also don’t count. You know those raggedy old comfy shorts that you wear when no one can see you? To be fair, I did do a cull on these too, so I was only left with a few day dresses and shorts and singlets. I wanted space in my wardrobe for once so was happy to have limited options. Who cares if the delivery guy sees me in the same top twice in one week. (Hey, don’t judge, we are in the middle of a pandemic and deliveries are essential – after all, I’m stimulating the economy!).

An unexpected positive was that I was able to donate 21 items from my wardrobe which felt oh so good. Then, I looked at all of the extra space in my cupboard and felt amazing. I did however have the sobering realisation that I neglected to go through my second cupboard that lives in our guest room. It houses mostly ski gear and other occasional use items. I just decided that those cupboard doors would remain permanently shut for the next 3 months, problem solved!!

I decided to give myself 2 days of lee-way to amend any choices as I did the whole exercise in such a rush. We were going to a bbq at a friends house (and staying over) so I thought it would be the perfect test.

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