Day 3

I knew today would be an easy one. I had no plans so was able to just throw on my house clothes and not really care too much about what I was wearing. I received a notification that our delivery guy was coming, so I threw on a bra at the last minute so that I could appear “properly dressed”. Ain’t no man (or woman) who needs to be greeted in the wee hours of the morning with untamed chest appendages bouncing down the hallway in gleeful anticipation of the new milk frother that was due to arrive. Thanks Myer for your super quick delivery!

Then I realised I needed more almond milk to test out said frother….crap, suddenly “going out” clothing was required. Luckily, I knew just the outfit I wanted and it took me less than a minute to locate it and throw it on. I looked presentable but hardly stylish, I mean do the shop attendants really expect a fashion parade for almond milk purchasing? No, no they don’t. It was then I realised that I was subconsciously saving my “good clothes” for a better outing. How interesting.

I threw on my jewellery as I ran out the door and I felt unusually calm. Normally when outings like this popped up I would put them off or feel stressed about what I would wear/iron/the whole getting ready process (I live in a relatively small town and ALWAYS seem to run into a client/someone I know when I am looking somewhat non presentable). It was so nice to quickly and calmly get ready and feel prepped for whoever I would run into. Of course, I didn’t see a soul who I knew ahem Murphy’s Law.

I also noticed quite a large time saving when I was checking my emails this morning. I went through and immediately deleted all of the clothing sale emails as I am not buying anything for the next 3 months. I would normally have a browse even if I didn’t need anything new. Now, however, I figure if something happens and I get really desperate, I will swap out an item with something that’s already in my stash – but this would only be necessary if an existing item became damaged/ruined.

Overall I deem day 3 (and the project so far) to be a success! I assumed the start would be easy as the concept is fresh and new. I’m more worried about how I’ll feel the further I get into it…but time will tell. So far so good and I am keeping an open mind (and wardrobe!).

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