The Project 333 Experiment

Can a woman with two wardrobes that are both bursting at the seams really survive with only 33 items of clothing and accessories for three whole months? This blog is a tribute to Courtney Carver’s revolutionary book, Project 333.

Latest from the Blog

My first interstate trip!

Ok guys, I thought this would be my breaking point. We were travelling from Sunny Queensland to South Australia (pre-lockdown) and the weather there was ranging from 6 degrees celsius to 34 by the end of the trip. The usual panic started to creep in. How the heck do I pack for those climates? IContinue reading “My first interstate trip!”

I’m on day 26!

Wow you guys, I had no idea that I would make it this far, completely stress free! Getting dressed each day has been a total breeze. I no longer agonise over what to wear, and I no longer have a pile of laundry sitting around waiting to be put away. I feel like a giantContinue reading “I’m on day 26!”

Day 10

I had to run some errands today with only a moment’s notice. I grabbed a green button up mini skirt and a black T, a combo I would never have normally tried, and I was pleasantly surprised. I felt cute. Weird that I had never worn them together before, it’s such a basic but greatContinue reading “Day 10”

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